• Frame Machines

  • At J&B Body Works we only use factory specified frame machines or the exact frame machine that your car was originally built on. Our 25,000 sq foot facility includes a variety of professional grade frame machines allowing a safe and secured repairing process for any vehicle, and includes:  
  • 1 Car bench
  • 1 Cellete bench
  • 2 Global Jigs
  • 2 Car O liners
  • Welders

  • Using only the best quality welders available in the market today ensures optimal weld penetration and structural repair quality. All of our professional grade, vehicle manufacturer specified fleet of welders includes:  
  • 1 Fronius cold metal transfer welder
  • 3 Wielander and Schill welders
  • Various other welders for a variety of uses
  • Paint Booths

  • We employ 3 USI Italia Spray booths - The leader in spray booth technology for both waterborne and solvent based finishes. We only use environmentally friendly paint systems authorized by vehicle manufacturers.
  • Rivet Guns

  • Our wide range of pro rivet guns (also known as pneumatic hammers) varies in size, shape and grip. We use only the highest grade tools including rivet guns from manufacturers such as:  
  • Bolhoff
  • Wielander and Schill
  • Advel
  • Henrob

Aluminum booth and tools

We use only aluminum and plastic pneumatic and manual tools to ensure that color coating is being applied properly. This process is handled separately in order to guarantee no cross contamination occurs during the repair of your aluminum vehicle.

When aluminum comes into contact with an electrolyte and a cross contaminating metal or alloy such as steel it begins to break down and corrode. To ensure that this never happens to your vehicle several precautions have been put in place. We employ a “ProWoTech GmbH” manufactured aluminum booth to create a necessary isolation barrier that prevents cross contamination and increases light output and color correctness. Our aluminum booth is stationed alongside our custom aluminum tool center to insure that your aluminum vehicle is repaired using only aluminum specific tools.